The Hague International Centre is a good first port of call for new residents arriving in The Hague. The centre provides an introductory pack and can help with practical tips on healthcare, parking permits and making contact with other international residents.

Their regular course – Welcome to The Hague – is a good opportunity to meet people and join a guided tour of the old city centre.

More information:

Getting medical help

Police, fire brigade and ambulance emergencies: 112 (non-emergencies 0900 – 8844).
List of hospitals, clinics and 24-hour emergency rooms (eerste hulp).

GP outside of working hours contact SMASH: on 070 346 96 69.
You can collect prescriptive medicine at the pharmacy (apotheek). If you have medical insurance you can often claim expenses.

Dental treatment is not included in standard medical insurance. If you need a dentist (tandarts) you need to make an appointment and pay on the spot. If you take an addition dental insurance, don’t forget to ask your dentist for a receipt in order to receive reimbursement from the insurance provider.

Counselling services

„24-hour emergency help line (Vertrouwenslijn) 070 - 345 45 00.
Sexual abuse help line for women (Vrouwen hulplijn tegen sexueel misbruik)
070 - 362 04 96 ((ongewenst) zwanger/unwanted pregnancy) tel: 0900-2021088.
Drug counselling (Parnassia Preventie) 070 - 391 81 91.
Aids and sexually transmitted diseases (Soa Aids) 0900 - 204 20 40.
Advice after traumatic events such as crimes and traffic accidents (Bureau Slachtofferhulp) 0900 - 0101.
For legal aid contact: the legal aid office (Juridisch Loket) 0900 - 80 20.

More information: